There are always new stories and new ideas. The stories come from mothers, babies, and research. The ideas come from me, after 30+ years of clinical practice, usually in the morning. Hence the category: Morning Thoughts.

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Sign of a possibly good latch

If the viewer from the side notices a deep crease below to the baby’s chin, almost like a double chin,  this means that the baby’s mouth is open nice and wide.This crease is adorable! I say possibly good latch as sometimes the latch looks perfect and the nipple comes out of the baby’s mouth looking.. read more →

People never talk about these things.

I never knew how many women in my social circle had miscarried, until I did. Then it seemed like every woman I knew had suffered at least one.  I don’t know how knowing about miscarriage would have helped me if I had known about it before I started aiming to become pregnant.  Finding out afterwards.. read more →


I am grateful for two experiences of forgiveness; I honor KM  and LT, who brought them to me. KM was my first husband; LM was a co-worker. KM and I split in April of 1977 after nearly 5 years of marriage; I drove away with our baby and  our dog in our station wagon. His.. read more →

Put the nipple shield on right!

For 100 years, breastfeeding education has not been part of hospital practice or healthcare professional education. Today, public health strategies include teaching physicians, nurses, midwives, nutritionists and dietitians, and occupational therapists about breastfeeding as part of their fundamental education. Breastfeeding management is complex, and requires formal study to understand. The relationship between the mother, the.. read more →

Drinking alcohol and breastfeeding

Media and health organizations warn against alcohol use by the breastfeeding mother. Mothers can buy test strips to test the alcohol in their milk. Mothers are told to pump and dump for X number of hours after ingesting alcohol. Mothers can feel worried and conflicted about having a glass of wine with dinner and often.. read more →

Make breastfeeding your own.

Mothers and babies for whom breastfeeding is easy and fun say that the breastfeeding relationship requires no more than a mother, a baby, and a breast. Yet during my lifetime, I have witnessed the pacifier become part of breastfeeding. I see mothers nurse, then tenderly hold a piece of silicon in their babies’ mouths, while.. read more →