There are always new stories and new ideas. The stories come from mothers, babies, and research. The ideas come from me, after 30+ years of clinical practice, usually in the morning. Hence the category: Morning Thoughts.

If YOU have a story to share, contact me and I will put it up.

Why I breastfed as I did.

Reading this interesting blog post , makes me think about my mother and grandmothers and their feeding choices. My dad’s mother, Millie, breastfed him in 1925, until he was about 9 months old because “that’s what you did.” She weaned when he became able to use a cup. My mother’s  mother, Margie, breastfed her in 1929.. read more →

The corn.

When my first daughter was in high school, she strongly encouraged me to buy a pair of newly popular  Doc Marten shoes. After trying a pair on, they felt comfortable enough that I did. After a few weeks of wearing them, I developed a corn between two toes, a thick, hard area of skin caused.. read more →

Speak up!!

A mother came to me for craniosacral therapy, with the goal of releasing  rage around the cesarean section she had nearly 6 months earlier. Her rage was a barrier between herself and the good relationship with her baby’s father. Her rage was keeping her from enjoying life with a sweet new baby. After some time.. read more →

A new view of germs.

I grew up learning that germs were bad. Germs made one sick. This basic fear was reinforced in nursing college, where we students learned serious things about keeping our patients alive. This lead to class debates about the safest way to handle a pillow case to minimize the spread of germs. Did one hold the.. read more →

Society plays the most important role in its future

Dr. Robert Martin, author of How We Do It  and the Curator of Biological Anthropology at the Field Museum says in this 6-minute video,     that society should offer respect and “provide optimal conditions for mothers” instead of giving them stress.  (Check out his blog at Psychology Today.)  Babies are the future. Our society should be investing.. read more →

Sign of a possibly good latch

If the viewer from the side notices a deep crease below to the baby’s chin, almost like a double chin,  this means that the baby’s mouth is open nice and wide.This crease is adorable! I say possibly good latch as sometimes the latch looks perfect and the nipple comes out of the baby’s mouth looking.. read more →