Drinking alcohol and breastfeeding

Media and health organizations warn against alcohol use by the breastfeeding mother. Mothers can buy test strips to test the alcohol in their milk. Mothers are told to pump and dump for X number of hours after ingesting alcohol. Mothers can feel worried and conflicted about having a glass of wine with dinner and often.. read more →

Subtle racism

This morning, I searched on Google for images of 3-month old babies. With only one exception, every image that came up was of a white infant.   I had to enter “3-month old black baby” and “3-month old Asian baby” in the search box to find a variety of darling infant images. I did not.. read more →

Today’s lesson.

As I left this morning for work, I debated with myself if I should carry my cell phone or not. My phone often feels like an electronic leash, and as my family is now scattered all over the globe, who would I call for help if I needed?  I left the phone home. On the.. read more →

Morning thoughts about judging.

My favorite ladies’ figure skater, YuNa Kim won the silver medal yesterday in the Olympic Games. Her free skate was strong and mature; I wished it had lasted longer. She was outscored by another lady having the skate of her young life at the right time in her career. 7 triples and technical tricks outscored.. read more →

Pain at the lightest touch

Nipple and breast pain is a PAIN for everyone, the mother and her lactation therapist. Usually pain is a guide pointing to some problem. Fortunately, with accurate advice and encouragement, most mothers can go on to a happy breastfeeding relationship. Discoveries of reasons for chronic breast pain are still emerging. Edith Kernerman, from Canada, developed.. read more →

What’s the rush?

Ever since I had my first baby, I have heard young women saying, “Oh, I want to have 2 kids close together so I can get it out of the way and then I can get back to my life.” “It” in this case meaning pregnancy, birth, and baby raising. A sister-in-law did just that,.. read more →