Evidence does not change beliefs.

I have just left an intense discussion on a website hosted by a well-educated healthcare professional who is rabidly against the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, breastfeeding, midwives, and home birth. I was drawn into this discussion by this site’s response to a new industry advertising video whose theme is about the “Mommy wars”, generating a good.. read more →

You have a role in your healing.

Doctors have been testing and treating my friend for anemia for more than a decade. Sometimes he has received blood transfusions to make him feel better and restore his energy. The anemia, and the long process to figure out what is wrong has been draining, and kept him from fully enjoying his life. The process.. read more →

A woman of privilege; thoughts about growing up racist.

Racism was a family value during my childhood and adolescence; it was both subtle and overt. My history is ugly; it is my heritage, my burden to carry, to acknowledge, and to let go. During his time working for the Sinclair Oil Company in Portuguese West Africa (now Angola) from 1920 to 1924, my maternal.. read more →

The other side of the coin.

My beloved grandfather lived alone for 17 years after he was widowed. My daughter and I were his only close family as his last sibling had died a decade earlier, and he was estranged from his only child, my mother. His regular social activity was at the IRS, where he worked part-time after finding retirement,.. read more →

Thoughts about daughters

Two blessed girl babies have graced my life, emerging from my body into the world. They have triggered in me the emotions only a parent can feel: worry, pride, joy, fury, bafflement, anguish, comfort, amusement, wonder, frustration, vulnerability, fear; above, below and through it all, was, is and will be LOVE. They are both infinitely.. read more →

How she got her smeller back.

After the accident, her broken nose did heal. It looked unchanged but worked differently, having lost its sense of smell. Once in a great while, the faintest whiffs of memory would waft by. One time, she got a flash of the smell of damp woods while walking with someone who described all the sensations to.. read more →