Helpless against Alcohol.

I have known her for decades, drawn, like everyone, to her warmth, her open heart, and her acceptance and patience. She is one of those blessed safe people, who listen to secrets without judgement.  After talking with her about my hopes and dreams, she inspired me to take that scary leap and change careers. I will be.. read more →

Walking in someone else’s shoes.

A professional colleague, April Rosenblum, has this true statement in her email signature. “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.” Today’s For Better or For Worse, one of my favorite comic strips, has an example of that theme from creator Lynn Johnston “I am a militant shopper sometimes. I sneer at.. read more →

The jackass whisperer

I am reading Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly. I have enjoyed her famous TED talks as the topics she covers (courage, shame, and vulnerability) are part of my own journey, and, my goal is to live a wholehearted life. I am enjoying this book, taking my time to mull over what she writes. She quotes Scott.. read more →

Seasons bring change.

The 3rd floor bathroom is at the top of the house; it is warm there, because the heat from the 1st floor fireplace insert rises. The 3rd floor bathroom is also warm for other, wonderful reasons. It is filled with that unique scent, a blend of incense and essential oils, that is my daughter’s. The.. read more →

My friend and essential oils.

A woman I have known for nearly 15 years has battled cancer already once, 10 years ago, She won that round. 3 years ago, a new round started. She has fought long and hard. She has continued her sports and dance activities, showing up on the ice the day after chemotherapy treatments, continuing her competitive dance.. read more →

Evidence does not change beliefs.

I have just left an intense discussion on a website hosted by a well-educated healthcare professional who is rabidly against the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, breastfeeding, midwives, and home birth. I was drawn into this discussion by this site’s response to a new industry advertising video whose theme is about the “Mommy wars”, generating a good.. read more →