The other side of the coin.

My beloved grandfather lived alone for 17 years after he was widowed. My daughter and I were his only close family as his last sibling had died a decade earlier, and he was estranged from his only child, my mother. His regular social activity was at the IRS, where he worked part-time after finding retirement,.. read more →

Thoughts about daughters

Two blessed girl babies have graced my life, emerging from my body into the world. They have triggered in me the emotions only a parent can feel: worry, pride, joy, fury, bafflement, anguish, comfort, amusement, wonder, frustration, vulnerability, fear; above, below and through it all, was, is and will be LOVE. They are both infinitely.. read more →

How she got her smeller back.

After the accident, her broken nose did heal. It looked unchanged but worked differently, having lost its sense of smell. Once in a great while, the faintest whiffs of memory would waft by. One time, she got a flash of the smell of damp woods while walking with someone who described all the sensations to.. read more →

Keeping the fun going with homeopathy.

I just got home from a vacation in the Garden of Eden, where my scholarship is to be the camp nurse.  The garden of which I speak is Southern Week at Ashokan, a music and dance camp where 160 people live together in a wonderful community for a week. We are fed healthy, locally grown,.. read more →

“Don’t break your neck jumping to conclusions.”

I can not count the number of times my mother, father, and grandparents said this to me. I have vowed countless times to heed; yet I still have the instant reaction to a perception that often turns out to be wrong, twice already today before noon! The first instance was reacting to a document that.. read more →

Seize the creative moment.

This morning an idea woke me at dawn. I honored its presence and made a new presentation that I want to give at the 2016 ILCA conference. Within half an hour, the working draft was complete. Then, I went back to bed. Ideas often seize me during the night or early morning.  I have then.. read more →